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Welcome to BLakes LAwn Care Formally Kev's (Parents) Lawn Care

Kevs (Parents) Lawn Care is happy to announce for the 2013 season, it’s joining forces with Blake’s Lawn Care to offer even an expanded line of services. As many of you know, Kevs (Parents) Lawn Care has gone through a few name changes over the years. We(John and Peg Silovich) help the boys set up a lawn cutting service as there summer employment almost 10 years ago. We used to drive Brian and Kevin around before they could drive, Then a few years into Brian left for college,( and has since graduated and found a job in his degreed field) and that is when Kevin along with some of his friends serviced the cliental. He expanded the service, created the web site. Last summer, Kevin wanted and found an internship at college and that is when Peg and myself (John) got more active in the business and with the help of Kevins friends, we typically preformed the services on the weekends. As proud parents, we’re happy to announce that Kevin is graduating this spring and has also been able to find employment in his degreed field. This with our desire to better serve you and have a little spare time this summer, we’re going forces with Blake Spielvogel of Blake’s Lawn Care. With Blake introduction, he and his expanded team will now be able to offer expanded services. In addition to keeping the same prices as before, Over the next weeks as we startup, we’ll be knocking on your door and introduce Blake and his team. .


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3500HD Dump Truck